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Students in the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District have extraordinary opportunities to develop knowledge and skill in world language, science, language arts, history, and mathematics. The district’s vocal and instrumental music, fine arts, and drama programs publicly demonstrate exceptional results. WW-P schools also provide a broad array of co-curricular and athletic programs, including extensive after-school intramurals and clubs for early adolescents.
Student achievement is one of the great rewards for support of the WW-P school district. Such accomplishment is demonstrated on standardized tests where WW-P students surpass state and national counterparts. It is a tribute to the talents of our students and teachers that we continue to have a graduation rate of almost 100 percent. Student achievement indicators reveal that high school students continue to perform at high levels. Ninety-three percent of high school students indicated that they planned to attend college or other post-secondary education. Average standardized scores are higher than state and national averages on the ASK, GEPA, HSPA, and SAT.
The school district commits considerable resources to the social, emotional, and ethical development as well as the intellectual and physical growth of students. Each elementary school has a full-time guidance counselor, in addition to guidance counselors who support students at grades 4 through 12. The district also employs two substance abuse counselors on the secondary level and child study teams (learning consultant, psychologist, and social worker) at every school.
Students with unique learning challenges receive extensive support through Reading Recovery, Basic Skills, Bilingual/English as a Second Language, and Special Education services.
The district operates several specialized programs for students: preschool students with disabilities; full-day kindergarten for students with language/learning disabilities; expanded MD/autistic program for grades 1-3 and 6-8, in order to offer program continuity from kindergarten through grade 12; kindergarten-grade 12 (through age 21) students with multiple disabilities including autism and cognitive disabilities; and the Academy for high school students with emotional needs.
The district reaches out to meet the needs of our many-faceted school community. Diversity has become a key factor in the area today. In order to fulfill the needs of our multicultural communities, we have made every effort to create an awareness of the many ethnic and cultural distinctions represented here. Children are taught the traditions and mores not only of their own background but also those of their classmates who come from all corners of the world.
The school district reflects the lifestyle of a community that takes pride in its continuing tradition of academic and cultural achievement. The richness of the academic program, alternative options, and extracurricular activities expands learning beyond the classroom boundaries. The schools provide an educational environment that motivates students to learn and requires them to exercise imagination and sensibility in solving problems.

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